Leadership Summit 2009: Leveraging Investments for a Sustainable Community


Information about the upcoming Leadership Summit 2009: Leveraging Investments for a Sustainable Community:

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act has been signed into law and communities across the country are now faced with an unprecedented opportunity to shift their local development efforts toward sustainable, locally owned investments that build wealth and resilience.

This federal stimulus carries with it both the challenge and the potential to make sustainable economic development the central focus of revitalization efforts for all communities seeking economic prosperity.

Open Roads Institute is working with the New Agrarian Center and a group of local partners to host “Leadership Summit 2009: Leveraging Investments for a Sustainable Community” on March 21st and 22nd at the Cleveland Wyndham Playhouse Square.

The Leadership Summit will serve as the convening of business, government, education, and philanthropy leaders from Rust Belt communities that are leading the way by investing in local communities.

A series of keynote speakers and presentations is designed to offer participants specific tools and opportunities to maximize the impact of available resources and build healthy, living economies.

Don’t miss out! Local economies are emerging as a critical component of economic and business development strategies the world over. Join us to get the information and tools you need to bring sustainable development to your community and your organization.

More information.


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