Job Opportunity: Ruth Ellis Center

The Ruth Ellis Center is seeking a Street Outreach Program Manager & Life Skills Coach.


The Street Outreach Program (SOP) Manager creates and maintains a structured environment within the Program that allows for efficient and effective delivery of services provided by the Program. Additionally, this individual is responsible for the direct delivery of services to youth that increases the employability of youth in mainstream settings. Manager also works directly with the SOP direct care staff to enhance their ability to serve youth and, indirectly, improve staff opportunities for advancement within Ruth Ellis Center or in other settings.

JOB STATUS: Full-time, exempt.


  • Direct management of SOP staff, including scheduling and work flow direction
  • Evaluate support staff skill sets and devise individualized development plans toward improving performance and increasing employability
  • Develop and implement an ongoing series of services that move the employability skill set of youth served to a higher level
  • Develop and implement an ongoing series of services that move qualified youth to employment
  • Review and evaluation of direct reports
  • Management of expenditures against SOP budget
  • Maintain and enforce policies and procedures of SOP


  • Maintain a culture in the program that values a high work ethic
  • Create and maintain “rules of operation” for computer center
  • Implement computer training for youth for basic and some advanced skills
  • Evaluate effectiveness of programming and offer ongoing enhancements toward continuous improvement
  • Ensure that data collection required to determine effectiveness and meet programming requirements is consistently and completed executed
  • Work with management team on budgetary, operational and fundraising matters

The Ruth Ellis Center strives to create a safe and comfortable work environment for its employees and its clients. The drop in center is a very active and loud environment; therefore, providing and maintaining structure will be the key to success in an environment where the clients have had very little role modeling relative to structure. Program staff members come from a variety of backgrounds and the skill set level among them varies widely, so excellent personal skills will be critical to success.


A bachelor’s degree and work experience in social services are required and a master’s degree in education, social work or a related field is preferred. Experience in adult or older youth education and/or training is highly desirable, as is direct experience in computer training. Direct management experience is preferred, but successful peer management experience is a minimum requirement.

Ruth Ellis Center
77 Victor St.
Highland Park, MI 48203
Fax: 313-865-3372


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