A Celebration of Life and Home Going for Weusi Olusola

weusiAs Weusi himself would say, it is truly “in divine order” that on the first Spring Saturday of the year, that his friends, our Youth, family and community prepare to plant the seed of PEACE and Prosperity in the fertile ground that he toiled for 23 years.

On this Saturday, March 21st Weusi promises to stay with each one of us in spirit, if we have the courage like him to make a real commitment to promote PEACE, LIFE and LOVE and invest in our youth and community.

Weusi promises us that we WILL S.U.R.V.I.V.E as we celebrate his life during Spring, the confirmation of life after death. “Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal. The snows of winter melt away, flowers bloom, and all the world seems new again…”

Weusi’s own creation, the acronym for SURVIVE, a part of a title for an upcoming book, stood for Spiritual, Urban, Renewal In View Everyday.

I am truly in awe this day as I view the GENESIS of a special spiritual, urban, renewal in the Virginia Park community centered around our youth and non-violence.

On Saturday, March 21st the genesis will start with a march in the spirit and DREAM of Weusi Olusola, Yale Miller of Virginia Park and Martin Luther King Jr. from Martin Luther King Park on West Grand Blvd. …to Clairmount on 12th/Rosa Parks street, named after Mrs. Rosa Parks of Virginia Park. We will march with her spirit of courage with which Weusi was filled, in the very streets where the rage of fires that spread city-wide originated in ’67, burning down what was.

Again, we march with the promise of Spring and Spiritual Urban Renewal that starts today with me and you with an active commitment to BE A PIONEER for PEACE!

As Weusi would say himself, “Stop Making Excuses!!” Have the courage to renew yourself, your family and your community in his’ honor, as we celebrate his purposeful life.

As the Phoenix will Rise from the Ashes, together we will march back on Rosa Parks streets towards the Virginia Park Citizens Investment Association’s commercial strip, the beginning of a community-led Urban Renewal In View, to the open field behind Joseph Walker William Center located on 8431 Rosa Parks.

To register, sponsor or for more information go to http://www.wheel2survive.org or call 313.745.5053.




  1. Dennis

    I was there and it was a beautiful.

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