Detroit City of Hope Monthly Meeting

dcohlogo_smallYou are invited to our upcoming Detroit City of Hope monthly meeting:

Wednesday, April 15th at 6:30 pm
3061 Field Street (Boggs Center)
Detroit, Michigan 48214
For more information, please call 313-923-0797.

The growing response by Detroit’s communities and the growing energy and activism by citizens across our city and region is blossoming with the coming of spring. The recent visit by the National Planning Committee of the US Social Forum provided tremendous opportunity for discussion as plans develop to bring 10,000 to 20,000 people to Detroit in 2010. From the Cobo Hall debate, to the mayoral election, to the foreclosures and the continued crisis facing students, parents and teachers in our schools, we see a tremendous increase in the creativity as we work to create a new Detroit and region based upon the need to re-imagine, re-define and rebuild our city and communities form the ground up.

On a daily basis we read about the work and dedication of individuals and organizations to protest, resist and create alternatives and networks capture the attention of the media and the imagination of people across our country. While most talk of restructuring the industry and restructuring Wall Street, we are working to re-imagine and transform ourselves and our institutions. Detroit City of Hope is a network committed to alternatives. We will begin to discuss creating community-based resistance to plans for corporate Farming in Detroit.

Join with us on our journey. Join with us as we create the ways to celebrate the work in Detroit and engage in creating the forms of conversation, networking and dialogue that encourages us all to listen to each other and the voices of our neighbors, friends & coworkers.

This April DCOH meeting will be an opportunity to discuss:

  • Education: What is the alternative to continued closing of schools? What is the difference between reforming our schools and creating a new concept and practice of education in our city?
  • Celebrating and Engaging with Detroit City of Hope Activists: What are people and organizations doing in our city to respond to the economic, political, spiritual and cultural collapse? What is our contribution to this growing movement that continues to capture the imagination of the national media and the world?

Please read these articles:

Along with the above discussions, we explore the ways to expand and advance the website,, discuss a possible broadsheet for distribution, possible community forums, and we welcome your ideas as we take steps moving from despair to hope.



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