Invincible Releases Video on Mental Health

The third music video off Invincible’s acclaimed ShapeShifters (2008), “Ropes” addresses the often taboo subject of depression and suicide.

After being accepted by mtvU, the station’s standards department axed the video citing how its “suicidal undertones would be problematic” for a college audience. Ironically, Invincible and Tiombe’s intention with the song is to speak openly and boldly about the prevalence of depression in our communities. With suicide being the third leading cause of death amongh 15-24 year-olds, “Ropes” aims to break the pattern of turning a blind eye to metal health issues, and to begin the process of healing.

“Ropes” was shot at Coney Island’s Astroland on a cold, dreary and rainy day. Rumor has it that historic Astroland will soon be razed to the ground and developed into unaffordable lofts or condos, so this footage is visual preservation as well.

“Ropes” is written and performed by Invincible featuring Tiombe Lockhart over a beat created by Knowledge. The music video is directed by Mr. Complex and the vlog intro was shot by Iqaa the Olivetone and edited by Wesley Taylor.

“Ropes” is featured on the ShapeShifters album, available in the EMERGENCE Store.


  1. I watched and listened to this video twice. I really wanted to hear the words and let it sink in. I congratulate you on your courage, depth and commitment to introduce this dialogue on suicide. I’m grateful for the opportunity to hear what you say about it and how you say it in music and images as well as lyrics. I agree that it’s hugely important for society to discuss it. In fact, I just received an email from an old friend I haven’t seen in years thanking me for talking to him about it with him many years ago when he was contemplating suicide. He says I’m the only person he knew that took what he had to say about suicide seriously.
    One of the consequences of listening to your welcome discussion of this subject, is that it tore my heart open to witness a person so young being aware of so much pain. I’m so sad about that–about the world we’ve given you to cope with at such a tender age.

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