Join the James & Grace Lee Boggs Center at the AMC & USSF

The Next American Revolution: Another Detroit is Happening
Allied Media Conference: June 17-20
US Social Forum: June 22-26

Come check out the Boggs Center and related activities at the 2nd U.S. Social Forum:


Meet the Boggs Center (Detroit Highlight Workshops) — 11:00am

  • Boggs Center: Cobo Hall 02-35Boggs
  • Educational Center: Cobo Hall D2-15
  • Coalition Against Police Brutality: Cobo Hall 02-37
  • Detroit Asian Youth Project: Cobo W2-66

March in the Opening Ceremony with the Boggs Center — 2:30pm

  • Gather at the corner of Woodward & Hancock by 2:30pm


Another Education is Happening: People’s Movement Assembly (PMA) — 1:00pm

  • Location: Cobo Hall: W2-69
  • Hear from Grace Lee Boggs, the Boggs Center, EMEAC, the Boggs Educational Center & organizations and individuals from Portland, Philadelphia, Chicago, and San Francisco
  • Join us in building a national dialogue and movement that breaks down the walls between schools and community.

Yusef Shakur: Passing the Torch 1:00pm

  • Location: Cobo Hall 2-36
  • Restoring the Neighbor Back to the Hood: Honoring our elders and passing the torch.

Detroit Plenary — 6:30pm

  • Location: Cobo Hall
  • Grace Lee Boggs, Ron Scott, Invincible, Yusef Shakur, Starlet, Red, Malik, General Baker, Elena Herrada & Dawud Wali will join to broadcast Detroit’s voices to the nation.


A Conversation with Immanuel Wallerstein & Grace Boggs — 10:00am-12:00pm

  • Location: Cobo Hall: D3-19
  • What time is it on the clock of the world? Grace Lee Boggs and Immanuel Wallerstein draw on more than 50 years of experience exploring questions activists face for {r}evolutionary change in the 21st Century

Grace’s 95th Birthday Party Let’s Celebrate with Grace! — 8:00pm

  • Location: Cobo Hall
  • Come celebrate with Grace Lee Boggs, Danny Glover, Vincent Harding, artists & poets.


Detroit City of Hope: Reclaiming Place, Restoring and Sustaining Living Communities — 1:00pm-5:00pm

  • Location: Cobo Hall: W2-63

The Boggs Center API (Asian Pacific Islanders) Dialogue — 4pm-7pm

  • Location: Genesis Lutheran Church (Mack & E. Grand Blvd.)
  • Asian Pacific Islander American People’s Movement Assembly: Part 1 (open to Asian Pacific Islander (American) only). Dialogue & Small group discussions with Grace Boggs (4-6:30pm) Contact if you need transportation.
  • Dinner (6:30pm)
  • “I Dream a Garden” Everyone dances on the lawn. Choreographed by Nobuko Miyamoto with Music by the Genesis Church Choir (7pm)

Hope to see you there!



  1. Grace,
    THANK YOU for the gift
    of your kind words in my 60th Birthday Book
    that made me feel so very special!
    The greatest thing I can thank you for
    is all the lessons you and Jimmy taught me over the years!
    I’m writing a book on my ideas, and hope soon to become active with moving beyond the status quo in education at this crucial point in our nation’s history.

    Much love and peace to you in your 95th year of good works, Grace!

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