Transformational Organizing, Creating Community in our City: Theory and Practice, Where are we going?

Aug. 31 meeting, Tuesday @ 6:30 pm
Boggs Center
3061 Field Street
Detroit, MI 48214

The Boggs Center is hosting a conversation and discussion to advance our reflection, theory and practice of transformational organizing and movement building in our city and our country. Please read the selected reading which is accessible from the Boggs Website. Please let a member of the Boggs Board know if you plan to attend.

Creating Neighborhood Community (Resiliency) Councils, Moving towards a Self-Governing America which are based upon the principles of local sustainable economics and participatory democracy. We invite you to a political discussion based upon the attached reading to explore together a vision for movement building in our city. While this excerpt was written in 1982, we believe the concepts and theory are relevant for our work today as we engage in resistance struggles and creating positive alternatives to our concerns relating to food security, education, creating safe communities and advancing real forms of work.

The reading is from the American Manifesto which was written primarily by James Boggs and Grace Boggs during the era of the National Organization for an American Revolution.


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