Can_Did Revolution – Cinnamon Apple Sause

Can-Did team of Andrew Plisner and Kezia Curtis. Cinnamon Apple Sause   we started the business essentially as a platform to create paid work for folks, and then, in eventually moving towards a worker-run cooperative, folks creating various forms of work for themselves through various creative expressions. we believe that we have the resources – material and people! – available to us, in abundance, to create sustenance (all kinds) Several clear jars with white labels on them and golden caps. A brown substance is inside the jar, and the labels read "Can-Did Revolution Cinnamon Applesauce" along with ingredients and a warning that the product was made in a home kitchen and was uninspected by the state of Michiganand support ourselves. and the sooner we can begin selling to businesses, in addition to market sales, word of mouth, etc., the sooner we can increase production and have paid work available. we’ll have to move production into a licensed/commercial kitchen space in order to sell to restaurants, retailers, schools, small grocers, etc. just a few possibilities,

we are moving towards media creation (logo design & printing, even considering fruit and vegetable dyes for fabric labeling), agriculture/horticulture (we compost the waste we create, which can be very lucrative; we are also growing heirloom sugar beets currently and are looking to create organic beet sugar, which is another business opportunity) and apiculture (bee-keeping; we are going to be using detroit honey as a sweetener next season in order to keep production local), and much more. these are just a few of the things we’re working on, and ways for folks to plug in, over time, and create meaningful work. the opportunities are plentiful, it’s just a matter of how they’re developed, framed, and established.

We are currently setting up some skill-shares and workshops. we are working with the youth growing detroit youth participants at genesis church to set up apple cider vinegar making workshops, which, once created, the youth there can bottle up and sell for themselves, as well as learn the medicinal properties and benefits, in building alternative economies for themselves. i also noticed that genesis has a bit of burdock root growing, which can be made into tea or decoctions. that means, again, more alternative economy opportunities, as well as both being able to set up community health clinics, and skill-sharing around creating medicine that they can teach peers, neighbors, parents, family, etc. in the community. a link that explains a bit about who we are:
photo communicatinginthed
Can-Did Revolution 5252 Commonwealth Detroit, Michigan 48208


  1. Hey, thanks so much for the link!! And I loved reading about your plans!!!

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