BCNCL visits the Bay Area By Grace Lee Boggs

BCNCL visits the Bay Area

By Grace Lee Boggs

 I’ve just returned from an amazing visit to the Bay Area with four other members of the Boggs Center to Nurture Community Leadership board: Shea Howell, Scott Kurashige, Ron Scott, and Kim Sherobbi.

 Scott Kurashige, who co-authored The Next American Revolution, arranged and micromanaged  our awesome schedule.


  • Thursday afternoon I spoke to a group of young people at a Stanford University meeting convened by Jeff Chang and Greg Palumbo-Liu .

   There to welcome me was Ayodele Thomas who is  a Stanford dean . Her parents were active in the civil rights movement in Kentucky and I have known her since she was two.

        Friday afternoon Angela Davis and I engaged in a conversation ‘’On Revolution” at the University of California-Berkeley Student Union. Shea Howell’s column this week provides an account of this warm and memorable event .

 Saturday afternoon Scott and I spoke at the Cultural Center in San Francisco’s Chinatown at a celebration sponsored by   a number of organizations, including Asian Law Caucus, Asian Pacific Environmental Network, Center for Political Education, Chinese for Affirmative Action, Chinatown Community Development Center, Movement Strategy Center, OPEIU Local 3,SEIU Local 1021, Silicon Valley Independent Living Center.

 Pam Tau Lee mc’d the celebration which included an exciting performance by young activists of the Lion Dance and the proclamation of March 3, 2012  as Grace Lee Boggs Day by the City and County of San Francisco.







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