Listen to Women for a Change By Grace Lee Boggs

Listen to Women for a Change

By Grace Lee Boggs

March 16-26, 2013

glb_dugal2Detroit’s international Women’s Day Celebration on Saturday, March 9, at the UAW-GM Center was more moving and revealing than any of the many IWD celebrations in which I have participated over the years.

Cohosted by the UAW Women’s Department and the Boggs Center to Nurture Community Leadership, the celebration brought together hundreds of women from many different walks of life and generations.


• Besides short talks by UAW Vice President Cindy Estrada and myself, it featured a series of workshops which demonstrated that women are the ones needed to give leadership on the many critical issues now facing everyone in our city and country:

• Taking Back our Households.

o Re-imagining Education

o Creating Peace Circles: From War Zones to Peace Zones

o Making a Splash at the Ballot Box

o Money Matters

o What’s Love got to do with it? (HIV)

o Seeing Past Hell and onto Hope

 Workshop leaders included Andre A Jackson, Julia Putnam, Conja Wright, Bonnie Smith, Deb Kozol, Stephanie Purvis, Wanda Latham, Rev. Sandra Simmons.

In all the workshops it became clear that women are effective leaders because we/they have ways of communicating, caring, and compromising that are specially needed at this time on the clock of the world..

The celebration concluded with a multigenerational conversation.

The IWD organizers will be meeting Wednesday, March 20, 5 p.m. at Solidarity House , 8000 E. Jefferson, Detroit 48214.



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