LFC Revolution in the 21st Century By Grace Lee Boggs

LFC Revolution in the 21st Century

By Grace Lee Boggs

April 6-13, 2013

The Boggs Center to Nurture Community Leadership (BCNCL) has issued a new edition of Revolution in the 21st Century (65pp. $5.00).

pamphlet_r_evolution2It was originally published in 2010.

The contents of the 2010 edition were:

• Changing Concepts of Revolution.

• Rediscovering the American Past.

• Naming the Enemy.

• Toward a Self-Governing America.

• Re-affirming Self-Evident Truths.

• Neighborhood Peace Pledge.

Neighborhood Peace Codes.

Two new articles have been added to the 2013 edition.

• Re-Imagining Work: Another Production is Possible by Richard Feldman

• New Work & New Culture by Barbara Stachowski

As the American revolution continues to gain momentum, BCNCL is hosting an increasing number of movement groups from different parts of the country.

For example, a few weeks ago we enjoyed a visit from Movement Generation, a Justice and Ecology group from the Bay area which is traveling to different cities in order to establish connections between local movement organizations.

In New England they will spend time with the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative in the Roxbury-Dorchester neighborhoods of Boston.

MG’s members are mostly people of color. Carla Maria Perez, a founder, is a community organizer of Native/Latin American heritage who graduated from UC Berkeley in 1999 with a BS in Conservation & Resource Studies with an emphasis on Environmental Racism.

We are hearing from university professors from around the country that their students want to become more involved. A number of professors include both The Next American Revolution and Living for Change in their syllabus.

Professors from local universities who feel the need of their students to connect their studies to the struggle developing in Detroit are also bringing their classes to the Boggs Center.


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