Your support is invaluable. 2014


We are in a dangerous time, with extraordinary possibilities for deepening the struggle for a New America.

To meet these challenges, we need to raise $100,000 to hire a Boggs Center Director and an Eastside Organizer. This is an ambitious goal as we depend on individual donors.

Please go to and click Donate, or send your check to Boggs Center, 3061 Field Street, MI, 48214.

Your support is invaluable.

It has advanced our commitment to the Next American Revolution. It brings us strength as we live with the occupation of Detroit by a State appointed Emergency Manager who has sole authority over every civic decision, including the declaration of bankruptcy. We are challenged to continue visionary organizing as we are building the resistance to these rising counter-revolutionary forces targeting our city.

Grace will soon be 99. She traveled to the Highlander Center in Tennessee where she was able to meet with Nelson and Joyce Johnson and learn more about their efforts with Moral Mondays. In November she went to New York for a screening of An American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs. The film continues to receive awards. It will be shown on PBS in 2014.


While in NYC, Grace and filmmaker Grace Lee were interviewed by Amy Goodman and by Melissa Harris-Perry. Grace concluded that a growing number of Americans want revolution, but they do not know what it is. The opportunity for national and international networks has grown beyond our capacities to respond. This is a good problem and one of the many reasons we need your financial support.

The Boggs Center supported the national gathering of the North Dakota Study Group and they will return in 2014 to deepen our understanding of the urgent need for a paradigm shift in Education.


(photo courtesy of North Dakota Study Group)

The opening of the James and Grace Lee Boggs School in September is a glimpse into what this shift looks like in practice.

boggsday2013_3(1) 2

Our work on the East Side is reaching the point where we can consider creating a “liberated territory” where we will have the space to create of a new culture to advance the evolution of our humanity and the ideas of beloved community. This effort is essential in the face of growing violence, incarceration of our youth and the militarization of the police.

From the connections we have established on the east side we are envisioning programs for restorative justice, creating peace zones, and putting the neighbor back in the hood. As the economic crisis deepens, New Work/Economy and Culture are becoming a reality. Our friends in Incite Focus and the Field Street Collective are turning ideas of community self sufficiency into reality as they produce local goods, build houses, and begin our first aquaponics effort.

We plan a New Work Reader and an international Re-imagine Work Detroit Gathering in October 2014. Share this request with your friends and family.

In love and struggle,

      The Boggs Center Board


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