Fund Raiser 2014 – We are asking for your support

James & Grace Lee Boggs Center to Nurture Community Leadership

Dear friends,

sunflower3We are asking for your support. Your contribution advances our work as a Center committed to developing leadership, deepening ideas, and creating programs and community based structures for the Next American R(E)volution.

This year Grace Lee Boggs will be 99. With the release of the film “An American Revolutionary—the Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs,” and its showing on PBS at the end of June, we are reaching thousands of people with new ideas about the kind of country we can all create.

Over this past year, Grace has been emphasizing:

1. We are living through the transition from one epoch in human history to another. Long held ideas and revered institutions are no longer able to respond to the depth of the challenges we are experiencing. People are realizing that the era of mass industrial employment has ended. Jobs are never coming back. The advancement of global finance capital is rendering the nation state increasingly powerless, except for its capacity to destroy people and places. These changes bring a new sense of urgency to our efforts to develop community-based production, new work, and new culture.

2. Our ways of living have brought us to the brink of extinction. The earth will not bear such violation. The only way to create a future is through the development of caring communities committed to local sustainable economics and self-governing practices.

3. The intensifying global-local crisis (Counter-Revolution) requires not only resistance but vision. Resistance, without a vision, is destined to fail. It is time for the Next American Revolution

Over the next 5 months we have a very active schedule. We invite you to come join us and ask for your generous support of our work.

· Allied Media Conference Detroit June 19-22.

· Summer 2014 Gathering: 3rd National Gathering June 23-June 30.

· Grace’s 99th Birthday Celebration: June 28 Field Street Block Party @ 3:00 pm. If you are in the area, please join us.

· An American Revolutionary- The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs will be PBS on June 30th- Organize a family, community conversation after the film. Contact us about study guides.

· New Work-New Culture- Conference is scheduled for October 18-20

We welcome donations from $5.00 to $5,000. Your dollars support our home, our publications, travel, and the daily work of tours, conversations, and organizing. Thank you in advance.

You make your check payable to the Boggs Center and send it to: Boggs Center, 3061 Field Street, Detroit, MI 48214 or Click Donate on


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