R.I.P Ruby Dee Davis, 1922-2014 /by Grace Lee Boggs

R.I.P Ruby Dee Davis, 1922-2014

Grace Ruby hugOver the years Ruby Dee has become a part of all our lives because in our living rooms , on TV, we have watched and identified with her in so many movies and at so many civil rights demonstrations. Despite her fame and artistry she was extraordinarily unpretentious and could have been our sister, daughter, girlfriend.

Ruby loved fresh ideas and was especially fond of Jimmy Boggs. I am not sure how she even knew he was dying, but two days before his transition on July 22, 1993 she sent him a huge tray of gingerbread with the long poem reprinted below (from the Memorial booklet. and from page 282-3 of my autobiography)

The last time I saw Ruby was when she showed up unexpectedly at our 2011 TNAR book signing meeting at the Brecht Forum in NYC. She was as pert and chipper as a teenager in a red derby. The picture is by Angela Jones.

Last year when I was in New York I tried to see her, but learned that she was in the hospital and not receiving visitors.

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