At 99 Thoughts. Thanks. Questions. By Grace Lee Boggs


At 99    Thoughts. Thanks.  Questions.

By Grace Lee Boggs

amrev_graceTo begin with, my thoughts this week are  with my friend, Micah Fialka-Feldman, who will be undergoing open heart surgery in Ann Arbor.



Next  I want  to thank the folks who called, sent cards or came to wish me a Happy 99 last weekend.

Special thanks to  filmmaker Grace Lee and her team for producing  The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs and to PBS/POV for showing it nationally.

I’ve been asking myself , and I urge others to ask themselves  why are people  responding so warmly to this film.

  I detected  an answer  in an email which showed up this morning.

          “Hi Grace  
I heard of you for the first time today. You are an inspiration to me and more confirmation for the path in life I am on.  I am a huge optimist and the most positive person I know. Rual Pinal county Arizona is in many ways similar to Detroit. Crime drugs poverty and lack of employment are issues to be delt with here.  I have a plan of  action that uses social media in a positive way and the natral resources of the area and solar electricity production and microfarming and local talent and creatvity.

“How does one person manage to turn a vision into a reality or even be taken seriously?  I feel fortunate to have seen you on pbs. Thank you     Jeff G.

Reading Jeff’s email,   I suspect that there may be   millions of Americans like him who are feeling  the need to change this country fundamentally and  realize that these changes aren’t coming from governments.  What they get from the film is confirmation: and encouragement  “If a 98 year old Chinese American woman can evolve into an American revolutionary, so can I. ”

That’s the Next American Revolution in process!!!



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