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Athens 16.6.2015

Dear Rich,

legacies are created by individuals who outlive their times and yet move with the times as if contemporaries. Their thoughts are like the flow of times a part of the continuum we call life rich in engagement, thought and reflections. Most telling is that Grace Boggs speaks about the anticipation of future revolutions, revolutions yet in need to be defined. She adds the condition that we can anticipate such revolutions if we let our imagination be rich enough. What is this richness? Not a boundless territory which someone can claim as his or hers. Not the amount of money collected over time. No, richness in empathy allows an understanding of the others, including their needs and fears, but also their most trustworthy element. Over and again Grace Boggs shows this in her capacity to give recognition to others. She has engaged with all kinds of people in such a dialogue which enriches the imagination and makes any conversation with her so special. She has correspondet with many thinkers who made that transition from the 20th to the 21st century, and who are still not complete in what shall be out of a historical perspective their legacy. They will come alive when you touch upon Grace Boggs herself as her presence illuminates the others in no way anyone else can do that.

I recall her sitting at the back of the SOSAD – Save our Sons and Daughters – meeting back in 1987. She was making notes as she did write the thoughts down which were articulated in the Maine discussions. Always she proved to be consistent as she contributes all the time to something most valuable, namely showing how memory works over time when thoughts are not only recalled but taken forward and adapted to areas of special needs, be they fighting urban poverty or lack of education. There are no rumors about her person. She has the moral integrity of an intellectual who stands up to this critical examination as to her integrity. When 911 happened, she perceived immediately the twist in the story once the media and politics made all Americans to be mere victims and not people with responsibility what is done in the name of USA both at home and abroad. Given her Chinese background but her life long learning in Detroit first together with James Boggs, and then after his unfortunate death alone, she has amazed everyone with her intellectual vigor and inquisitive mind which allows others to disagree with her. That then sets her apart from many others and makes her be a true spirit of democratic freedom.

My warmest congratulations to her for such a special occasion, namely in having reached the age of 100.



Hatto Fischer 
Poiein kai Prattein
Poet, Philosopher / Coordinator
Lycabettoustr. 23
Athens 10672
Tel. 003 0 210 36 17 792
Mobile 003 0 697 45 39 333

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Betreff: Help us Celebrate 100 Years of GLB
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Dear friends of the Boggs Center,

We are asking for your support for Grace Boggs’ 100th Birthday Celebration. All funds raised after expenses for the celebration (details below) will support the work of The James and Grace Lee Boggs Center to Nurture Community Leadership  and The James and Grace Lee Boggs School.

To make a tax deductible contribution go to and donate or send check to Boggs Center, 3061 Field St, Detroit, MI 48214.

For more information:

visit or

Kimberley Sherobbi – (313-478-7610)
Doc Holbrook- ( 313-467-7327)
Shea Howell – (313-282-7669)

Boggs Center Board and the Boggs School

Boggs Birthday Week Flyer - 1_2 2pg. Bold 4.1 2
Boggs Birthday Week Flyer - 2_2 2pg. Bold 4.1
“I don’t know what the Next American Revolution is going to be like but we might be able to imagine it, if our imagination is rich enough.”
– Grace Lee Boggs


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