100 Years a Freedom School for Grace Lee Boggs by William Copeland aka Will See


100 Years a Freedom School

for Grace Lee Boggs

by William Copeland aka Will See

these kids are colored indigo
they don’t need all the limits, yo
you don’t have to tell a flower
when to grow

Freedom Schooling is community identity beauty
Where the workers, artists, makers, students
Do things in unity/ we’re not enemies
We can be interdependently
And put the children’s needs at the center
Where our attention be.
Coz no one’s living perfectly.
This world is not serving the
Needs of hardly no one/ it takes one to know one
You reap one/ you sow one.
The winds they keep blowin’ To keep the seeds growin’

The winds they keep blowin’ To keep the seeds growin’

Now it’s a norm that the storm’s roaring on
Blurry your vision!
I hear the thugs and the gangstas
But the warriors missing.
We’re in a crumbling village that resembles a prison
It’s complex to communicate
But chillin that’s simple

What it resembles
Is a circle of ideas and clear visions
Daily weekly seasonally
Gathered around a dear woman.
These are tikkun talkers, watchers of
The clock of social living.
Theories of sands falling in glass
These hands that held sharpest gears
So diverse in their years, stories, spirits assembled here.
We pounding out beats and tweets,
Snaps, raps, and apps,
PVC and MP3, future shock and quantum clocks,
From trash on hand
We salvage the land
And blow living breath in a city that
Dollars had left for dead.
The winds they keep blowin’ To keep the seeds growin’
Growing growing

Before Hoggwarts and the Mocking Jay
We wide eyed wizards hit the east side
Searching for schooling in the social justice spells to summon.
There was Field Street, American Revolutinoaries, Detroit Summer and you
Valued unlucky in the rigged lottery of this American life.
Jimmy said they were counting your position
In boarded up schools and prison bars, lead feet smashing down
on sweet potato toes,
intimate abuse and angels whose death is by their own wings,
thousands of digital likes upon bodies
bruised by hulking blue

But there’s resurrection in these eyes. We see there’s magic in these lots
Left to grow in nature’s rhythm. There’s revolution in these children
And there’s genius in these Detroit blocks. And we’re proud.
The winds they keep blowin’
We were blackened and burned in 100 years of contradictions
Your criticism titanium sharpened our words and thoughts
Now we sit with wet faces determined
To keep our eyes open & defy man made laws that would see our lives broken.

From how we read and how we speak we keep our minds growing
From how we listen and how we spit we see our souls flowin’
The winds they keep blowin’ To keep the seeds growin’
To keep the seeds growin’
We say goodbye/ we say What up Doe
We say Yes Amen/ we say Hell No
We say Black Power! Black Power!
We say Yowza Yowza Yowza!
We say Run Barack Run!
We say every contradiction under the sun
We say Liberation Liberation Liberation
Until our work here is done


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